Business/Investment Eco-System of Iskandar Malaysia

Various sectors have been identified to be developed within the 5 flagships in Iskandar Malaysia. Development of such sectors requires internal and external investments and talents to be brought into the areas due to opportunities created.

There is a need to establish a hassle-free and convenient way to ease the talent-opportunity matching and relocation needs for these talents.

1. Expatriates coming to Iskandar Malaysia to work inclusive of locals from other states.
2. Applications can come from either hiring companies or individuals.
Establishes a trusted Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for expatriates to inquire, settle and establish themselves in Iskandar Malaysia
Provides hassle-free, value-added and quality services that complement business ecosystems created from various investment activities in Iskandar Malaysia
Delivers and promotes Iskandar Malaysia in line with IRDA’s vision for Iskandar Malaysia to be the first choice to Invest, Work, Live & Play